Jul 282010

We are finnaly harvesting some produce from our little garden! We have picked about 8 cups of green beans and 10 yellow cherry tomatoes. Not too bad since we only have 2 bean plants!

Here are some pictures.

Green beans growing well

Harvested beans and cherry tomatoes

Corn is not growing well.

Jul 212010

One of the residents at Grace Lodge, Ruth, received a bouquet of flowers last week with an extra surprise! Attached to the bouquet was a Monarch butterfly cocoon! The cocoon is the greenish blue thing hanging at the bottom of the flower arrangement. The instructions given said that the butterfly would emerge from its home in a few days. Once it dried off it’s wings it was to go to the top of the bouquet and then be transferred outdoors so that it could go free.

Here is Ruth the day she received it

Here is the butterfly just newly emerged

Here is Ruth and the butterfly wings outstreched

Jul 212010

The residents of Grace Lodge enjoyed the lunch outing at Pat’s Garden in downtown Rhinelander. Check out our activity calendar to see when the next lunch outing is!

Here are a few pictures.

Jul 162010

Our population at Grace Lodge is growing older every day. (aren’t we all!) In order to accommodate this fact we have started playing Dominos. You think that Dominos are not for seniors? Think again!

We have purchased some large format Dominos and the residents can enjoy Dominos again!

Jul 062010

July 4th was a very wet day, so we could not light off the fireworks then. The next dry day was July 6th, so that is when Grace Lodge had our very own fireworks display!

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment!

Jul 022010

The residents at Grace Lodge enjoyed a concert at the park on June 30th. Music was provided by Jim Pekol’s Bridge Street Dixieland Review. The weather was beautiful here in the Northwoods and the music was great!

Here are a few pictures