Nov 242010

Our residents like movies! When there is nothing else to do on a Saturday, we gather together those who are interested and have movie time. It is usually not planned which makes it more enjoyable.

Here are a few pictures from a recent occasion.

Nov 172010

We at Grace Lodge Assisted Living had our annual Harvest Dinner on Nov 13, 2010 and it was a great success! 90 people, consisting of our residents and their families, were served a wonderful buffet including shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, chef carved ham and many more delicacies . Our chef’s worked hard to make the day a memorable one along with many volunteers and Grace Lodge staff members. We at Grace Lodge want to say Thank you for all the volunteer help, staff members willingness to assist, the residents families for coming and of course the residents for allowing us to serve you!

Buffet with Chef carved Ham, Turkey w/ Stuffing, Garlic Roasted Green beans, Sweet Potato apple bake and Whipped Potatoes

Cranberry Salad

Smoked Salmon

House Cured Smoked Pork Loin

Shrimp Cocktail

Fruit in Carved Pumpkin

Apple Brickle Dip

Antipasto Kebabs

Vegetable Crudite


Guests at the Harvest Meal

Guests at the Harvest Meal

Guests at the Harvest Meal

Nov 082010

Here are the pictures we promised from Our Halloween Minute To Win It party.

This first set of pictures was the One minute to keep the baloon up in the air. It was a hit!

This next set of pictures is How many candy corn can you drop into a jar in a minute. Help was given by students from the Pelican School.

The Next pictures are the Pin the Nose on the pumpkin and the Estimate the amount of pine cones and acorns in the jars, of course in one minute!

After the games, the reward was root beer floats and decorated cookies!

Nov 022010

Grace Lodge had their Halloween Party on Friday Oct 29th, 2010. The main theme of the party was Minute to Win It games.

We’ll post some pictures later but for now here is an article from WJFW channel 12’s web site who came to film for the event.

Click the picture to go to WJWF's site