Dec 312010

New years eve was an enjoyable time at Grace Lodge this year. Our very own Mary led the singing of the old familiar tunes. Drinks were had, toasts were made and the residents had a grand time ringing in the new year many with their family members beside them!

Dec 252010

Santa has come again and boy was he jolly! He has delivered some nice presents to the residents of Grace Lodge. They received a nice calendar that also has the pictures and birth dates of each residents in order  to get to know each other better.

Dec 242010

People just love to volunteer and show the elderly how much they are appreciated around the Christmas holiday! We see it at Grace Lodge by the amount of people longing to volunteer to come and sing carols or even put on a short play. We appreciate all the people who have come!

Here are a few pictures of some of the activities in the latter part of December.

Here a group comes and gives a Christmas Story recital

The Residents enjoy singing along!

And here are some more carolers.

Dec 202010

On December 14th the Grace Lodge Residents were treated to a lovely string orchestra in the dining room. One of the many volunteer organizations that have come and shared their talents with us during these holiday times.

Many thanks for all of you who have donated their time to make the holidays joyous for Grace Lodge’s residents!

Dec 062010

Here at Grace Lodge we enjoy decorating. We decorate for every major holiday and Christmas is no exception. We just got the tree up and decorated this past week and are now finishing up the hallways. Here are a few pictures to give you a sneak peak inside Grace Lodge

First is our Christmas tree in the dining room

Second is our Christmas Village

Next, some volunteers deck the halls.

Finally the finished hallway!

Dec 012010

Recently some students from Nicolet College’s School of Cosmetology came to Grace Lodge to give free manicures and hair sets to our residents. The students appreciated the experience and our residents enjoyed letting the students “practice” .

Here are a few pictures