Apr 272014

Here at Grace Lodge we like to decorate for every holiday. We utilize the opportunity to get the residents together and have a good time chatting and working together towards a common goal. Easter is no exception. The benefit is we get to get our hands stained every color in the rainbow!

Happy Easter to all!

Easter 2014 005 crop Easter 2014 007 crop Easter 2014 006 crop

Apr 192014

Grace Lodge residents had the opportunity to go to Rhinelander’s beautiful Forth Floral in April.Resident activities April 2014 009 cropResident activities April 2014 014 crop

They had a tour of the greenhouse and it’s tropical plants and even enjoyed a presentation on how to arrange flowers.

Resident activities April 2014 006 crop

Afterwards Grace Lodge residents had the opportunity to eat their bagged lunches midst the blooming flowers!

Resident activities April 2014 009 crop Resident activities April 2014 008 crop

A good time was had by all!