Dec 072015

We at Grace Lodge love decorating! Christmas is certainly no exception. It is also the time of year that we have the most visitors and entertainment. Thanks to all for the many hours of work you donate every year!


A little holiday fun.


Social Hour entertainment.

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Nov 112015

As we have often mentioned, young people from the Rhinelander area have been coming to Grace Lodge from the very beginning to interact with our residents. They play games, decorate and just spend time with them. It is fun for the elders and provides good opportunities to bridge the gap that sometimes exists between the generations.

The Nativity 6th graders are back again this year. They come once a month and seem to enjoy themselves.

halloween decorating 2015 015 crop halloween decorating 2015 021 crop halloween decorating 2015 022 crop

Nov 112015

halloween decorating 2015 014 crop

Here at Grace Lodge we love to have the younger generation interacting with the older generation. It is good for both!

Once again, the True North kids are back for the school year at Fort Wilderness and have come to pay a visit. They assisted with pumpkin carving. Thanks for your time!

halloween decorating 2015 007 crop halloween decorating 2015 011 crop

Oct 122015

We at Grace Lodge like to decorate! In fact the small tree that is by the mailboxes gets decorated for just about every holiday. Halloween is coming up and the residents had fun making the decorations for the tree. Thank you ladies!

Crafts and Brenda Retirement 002 crop Crafts and Brenda Retirement 007 crop Crafts and Brenda Retirement 009 crop

Aug 222015

Once again, Grace Lodge went to the Oneida County Fair! And here is a photo to prove it.

Fair 2015 009 crop

The residents had a great time riding the rides and visiting the animals.

Fair 2015 002 cropFair 2015 005 cropFair 2015 006 crop

May 152015

cards 2015 005 edit

Grace Lodge believes that an important part of staying healthy as you age is staying active! One of our regularly scheduled activities is cribbage. Brenda, our activities director, is enjoying a game with the guys. We publish the activities calendar on our website to help the families keep up to date as to what is happening. Be healthy, stay active!


May 122015

Spring is finally here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The trilliums and the trout lillies are blooming in the woods, and the ladies at Grace Lodge are decorating!

Here our residents are decorating spring flowers to hang on the tree near the mailboxes. We appreciate the womanly touch that brings a smile to our faces!

spring flower decorating 2015 002 crop

Apr 162015

Grace Lodge recently was visited by Hodag Kids For Kindness! They are a group of elementary and middle school aged kids who are dedicated to spreading kindness in the Rhinelander area. Each month they focus on an individual service project that can be done from home, as well as a group project where the kids can have fun doing something kind together.  Kindness Matters!

They came and played bingo with our residents and had a great time.

Thanks for the visit!

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Feb 172015

You are never too old to learn something! One of Grace Lodge’s new residents is teaching us a few things about art. She has given of her time to teach some of our staff and residents how to paint a beautiful flower. What a wonderful gift to give! Thank you for your time and patience.


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Dec 112014

xmas exercise 2014 003 crop

Grace Lodge believes that keeping active is a very important way to maintain independence and health. We have an exercise class almost every day to give those that desire it a way to keep active in a safe and structured way.

Our exercise class is all about moving the arms and legs while maintaining a sitting posture so that even wheelchair bound people can participate.

The class is so popular that almost half of our residents want to come and enjoy the fun!